Trip on the 3rd June 2007 to a huge area of +- 30 000 hectar

Tell us about your recent trip. Please add some photographs.
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Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:22 pm

Yes there is in fact an area not far from Queenstown that is very vast, it has no internal fences, nothing, none for many miles in each direction,
We do not have to leave South Africa to look for a place like this, it is free to drive in any direction for many miles

We had fun, we had problems along the way, the terrain was very extreme in places, we had to cross over many small streams, large rocks and climb up and drive down many steep hills, now remember there are no existing tracks, we had to drive blind, not knowing what was around the next corner or hill or slope, we actually came around this one hill and found that there were in fact two small stream crossings, we managed to get the vehicles across the one stream, but the other stream was blocked, the rocky banks were too steep and deep to get down into the river, had to think of our mates in their STD 4x4's as well, Ronny and I in our 4X4 Trucks did not battle through these sections, yes I had to be pulled out of this thick oozing black mud twice, went in the first time but too slow, but there is a reason why I went slowly, was not sure how deep the marsh was and if there was a hidden bank on the other side, then I also went into another grassy marsh to help my friend out who got stuck with his 4x4 Quad.

Later on we met up with our other mates, luckily for them they came late because the one huy was driving some new Jeep and the other a Landrover, then there was Jakes in his Colt club cab, but they came out mostly to just have some time in the country, we all enjoyed a braai, the children drove around about two km's from us, thus the peace was still there to enjoy, the ladies spread their runours while the men braaid the meat and we chatted amongst ourselves about our 4x4's, what mods we will be doing etc.

Yeah we had fun, but soon the shadows were getting bigger and it was soon time to venture back home, we normally take the track that we originally made throught this area when we first started to venture through this area, have a look at Google Earth will get some GPS points for you to use, then you will be able to see how vast this area is.


As far as you can see is this area that we drive, we did a round route of 18 km and had to venture in the dorection of where we normally braai, as time was moving on.


Yes my Hilux was stuck and so was the 4X4 Quad, was helping my mate out of the mud.




Enlarge this photo and you will see the type of terrain that we had to drive through and over, would you drive your 4x4 here?

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