2006 Hilux rear wheel bearings keep on failing

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Wed May 09, 2018 12:24 pm


I bought my 2006 Hilux DC 4.0 in May 2013, with about 160000 km on the clock. That year August the right rear wheel bearing failed spectacularly outside of Mapungubwe with smoking hot diff oil streaming out when I stopped. Replaced it in Musina, including the drive shaft. In the following year I did one trip to Mabua. January 2015 I went through Bafiaans kloof, realized something sounds funny, and ended up replacing left and right rear bearings in George. I figured the right bearing must have been installed wrong, and the left was damaged from before I had the car and I should have replaced both the first time.

Note that I did not do other 4x4 routes, I rarely load the car and never overload it, and never went through water. Drive it about once a week. The car is now at 200000km.

Now there is definite play of both rear wheels, with the left side the worst. I cannot see how a Hilux should damage a wheel bearing in 3 years of easy driving and probably only about 30000 km. I did check wheel balancing and alignment after I got it. And I know that one can mess things up with the installation but out of 3 the agents should have gotten 1 right.

I could not get hold of a recommended indie to have a look. I want someone that will help me find the issue, not just replace the bearings. So I ended up taking it to the dealer where I normally service the car. They came back saying that the bearings are fine, they even used a stethoscope to listen to them. I uploaded a video of how the wheel moves here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dxwXz-_NQs. I did not check this after the last time the bearings where replaced, so I don’t know if it is a recent thing or not, but I suspect it shouldn’t drive far like that.

So I would like to know from others:
1) Is there anyone that feels this is normal?
2) What could cause this to happen?
3) How can I prevent it happening again?
4) Does anyone know a good place in the Pretoria area that can have a look? I would like to be present with the axle removal to check where the play is. I don’t really have a space at my house to do this.


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Wed May 09, 2018 1:10 pm

It looks like your wheel moves directly in and out? If so it seems that the bearing is not seated properly or held in place correctly in that axis - either there is play between the outer race and the axle housing/retainer or the bearing is loose on the shaft itself. Pull it out, check the bearing - it might be 100% as the dealer says, then you'll know you have play for some reason. The bearing(s) may be of the wrong width, incorrect retainers used etc. - I have only opened older model axles so can't say for sure.

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