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Part Numbers for Hiuxes

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3RZ (2.7i Petrol IFS) | 4Y (2.2 Petrol SFA) | modifications

2.7 3RZ 1999-2004

Service Items
Fuel filter GUD-E82 or FRAM-G8971
Air filter GUD-ADG933 or FRAM-CA5965
Oil Filter GUD-Z217 or FRAM-PH4985
Spark plugs NGK-BKR5EYA or Champion RC9YC or Champion RC9YC4
Front brake pads Ferodo Platinum-FDB797 or ATE-AG577
Rear Brake shoes ATE-819
Battery - 646 but 652 also fits

Ribbed belts (Fanbelts) - 1999-2002 (Pre Facelift) 2.7 3RZ :
Good Year
Aircon belt - 4PK 872
Alternator/waterpump/fan belt - 5PK 872
powersteering belt - 4PK 1100

Ribbed belts (Fanbelts) - 2003-2005 (Facelift) 2.7i 3RZ:
Goodyear Gatorback
Aircon - 4PK940
Waterpump/Alternator/Fan - 5PK865
Power Steering - 4PK1100

Tensioner pulley:
NSK 6301
Denso Alternator: 6202
and bearing with ID = 15, OD = 46 and W = 14 (3360 ballbearing)

2700i Spark Plug Lead Set (3RZ)
90919 - 22387
or Bougi Cord E17-312

Wiper blades 1999-2004 Hilux
Left Champion BU15-18 and right B15-20

Diff drain- and inspection plug washer
18mm (inner diameter) copper washer.

2000 Toyota Hilux IFS 2700i Remote Controller

Spare Wheel Carrier for the IFS 4x4 models.
part # SUJ51-D3001

Rear Diff Side Shaft Bearings (Outer)
Bearing kit 379 from Timkin

Shocks (Gabriel Safari)
Front - G56189
Left Rear - G56167
Right Rear - G56174
Important to note that right rear shock is longer than left rear.

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2.2 Petrol with 4Y Engine

Air Filter: GUD ADG 727
Fuel Filter: GUD BC30
Oil Filter: GUD Z84
Spark Plugs: NGK BP5EY / BP5ES check in the catalogue as different plugs are used for pre Electronic distributor models and those that have electronic ignition fitted.

Fan Belts:
Alternator V-Belt: 4PK830
Power Steering V-Belt: P473

Upper Radiator Hose:
Original TSA - Part No.: 1657171030

Lower Radiator Hose:
Original TSA - Part No.: 1657271031

Front Disk Pads

Front Brake Discs
MSD4277 or E662707

Rear Brake Shoes

Wheel Brake Cylinder Kit
43mm - K1054S

Gasket Set Full

Carb Kit
410 CK177A

Tailgate handle for SFA Import Bin (Centre Handle):
Part no for Toyota System: 6923089101

Battery Bracket holddown: Part no for Toyota System: 7440405740


Longer Shocks for Hilux - SFA but rear shocks will also work on 1999-2005 IFS
Replace with Land Cruiser shocks - Gabriel Safari
Front: 56118
Rear: 56167