Scanguage 2 doesn't work as Hilux Revois not OBD2 compliant

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Good evening everyone

I ordered a scanguage 2 after watching a marathon of Ronny Dahl and 4WD 24/7 videos on YouTube. Actually I was convinced to buy one when on a Meob Bay trip I couldn't switch off the traction control due to an error that popped up on my dash to do with that sensor (at least that was the advice I had received.)

I checked their website and I was under the impression that it would work with my Revo as it wasn't listed as an exception. After 2 weeks it arrived and I immediately plugged it in but it just kept saying 'connecting'. I checked the troubleshoot guide and tried everything. Eventually I made contact with Linear Logic who were quick to reply and they were quick to assist. They said that most cars made in Africa aren't OBD2 compliant which it seems is the case after finding information on the previous model Hilux.

Are there any tech wizards out there that can confirm this and better yet, have a way to get the scanguage to work on our system if that is the case? Linear Logic said they could organise a refund so it isn't a massive issue though I would love to know some of the diagnostics on a hard day of dune driving such as the EGT.
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