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Good Day 4x4 Adventure Seekers

Here are a few trips and Training days planned for You to peruse, if you have Not planned anything yet, and you have the time to join us .


Saturday 6th May at Kungwini (Near Bronkhorstspruit)
4X4 Driver Training only R700.00 per vehicle (bring Your partners)

Sunday 4th June Kungwini
4X4 Driver Training

Mozambique – Beline (only 2 spots left)

Long weekend in Bilene. 26th April to 1st May
House accommodation
Meals per day included

The convoy will depart for the border on a Thursday morning.
Middleburg Shell garage at 07h00
Gauteng to Komatipoort (approximately 450km) refuel.
All border clearing documents and insurance will be taken care of by Dune Devils.
From the border to Bilene is approximately 230 km.(4 hours)

A light meal will be served upon arrival in Bilene.

On Friday morning, after breakfast, we will leave for the dunes.
En route to the dunes we will encounter some obstacles consisting of fresh water crossings and ravines.
You will receive a quick briefing of do’s and don’ts of dune driving as well as recovering techniques.
Some dune driving will be done before lunch.

A light lunch will be served in the dunes.
After lunch, more driving before leaving the dunes.
On our way back to the Lodge, a quick stop at one of the local pubs.
Back at the Lodge, supper will be served.

Breakfast will be served on Saturday morning.
Then off to the dunes.
After lunch we’ll make our way back to the lodge and go around the lake to the sea for a dip in the ocean and some more dune driving.
Then home for supper.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, Day at Leisure or bring Your fishing rod for some Surf fishing.

Monday after breakfast, we will leave for Johannesburg
(You are welcome to extend your stay and come home Tuesday 2nd)

Training on sand driving as well as recovery will be given.

Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, sausages, pao (local bread), tea, coffee, juice
Lunch: Prego or boerewors rolls
Supper: Prawns and fish (if available) and braai

Price: R8 400.00 for 2 people sharing – all inclusive.
Kids under 16 only R 1 200.00 over 16 yo R4 200.00 (we will add stretchers in each room)
Minimum vehicles per trip: 5

Richtersveld 19 to 24 September

Best time of the Year to see this spectacular Heritage site, and camp at the various Camp sites. It offers some of southern Africa's finest, 4x4 driving, camping and cultural experiences.

Our Guide (a local of the area) is Piet Van Heerde, and He is extremely knowledgeable regarding the area and the plant life, He will keep us informed with tons and tons of information.
• Supper included ( bring Your own Breakfast and lunch time snacks)
• Includes camp, Park fees and Guide fees.

First a Conservancy
While many people already know about the Richtersveld National Park, more and more people are catching on about its equally large southern neighbour, the Richtersveld Community Conservancy
Now a World Heritage site
The Richtersveld Community Conservancy is also the last refuge of Nama people living what is known as the transhumance lifestyle - to migrate seasonally with their livestock from mountains to the river and so make sustainable use of the fragile succulent ecosystem.
In recognition of this vanishing lifestyle, and of the rare botanical diversity it helps protect, the Conservancy has been declared the core of a new World Heritage Site.

Some amazing features of Richtersveld Biodiversity:
- 2,700 species in this area alone & almost 600 exist nowhere else.
- The giant Baster Quiver Tree (Aloe pilansii), of which only a few hundred remain on the remote mountaintops in the Richtersveld.
- The "Halfmens" (Pachypodium namaquanum) - a bizarre plant which from a distance resemble faraway people, hence the name "Half man".
- The most lichen species of any area in the world - 29.
- Numerous species of lithops - tiny succulent plants which resemble

Only R4 500.00 per person (includes Guide Fees, all Camping fees, Two way Radios, 2 fully equipped 4x4 guide vehicles and evening meals for 5 nights

Botswana – Adventure destination – Camping.
9th to 19th August 2017

Day 1 – Kharma Rhino Sanctuary Camp site
Day 2 – Makgadikgadi Pans – Camp site and a visit to Kubu Island for Sunset drinks.
Day 3 – Maun – Okavango River Lodge ( For those who would like a flight over the Delta in a light aircraft)
Day 4 – Duncans Camp
Day 5 – Kwai River Campsite and an early Morning and Afternoon self-Game drive in The Kwai area
Day 6 – Kwai River Camp site
Day 7 – Savuti Camp site in the Chobe National Park
Day 8 – Kasane (Chobe) with a Morning game Drive and a sunset Boat cruise.
Day 9 – Kasane (Chobe)
Day 10 – Nata – Camp site

Round Trip approx. 3000km
Visa and Credit cards may be used for Fuel.
Trailers Welcome.
All makes and models of 4x4 welcome.

R 9 800.00 per person Included are Guide fees, Camping /accommodation, National Park Fees, Breakfast and Dinner, two way Radios and a Boat and Game Drive in the Chobe.
Children under 12 – half price.

Not Included
Drinks and additional Meals
There are chalets and Rooms available at most of our campsites, if you would prefer a room (For Your own cost)
Flight over the Delta is for your own cost.

August Weather
The month of August is characterized by rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs increasing from 27°C to 32°C over the course of the month.

Lesotho- Baboons Pass (again) ---------BUCKET LIST can then be ticked.
Come do the Notorious Baboons pass in Lesotho with us ---------------------PLEASE. --- Not for the faint hearted.

Baboons Pass 6th June to 18th June – COLD

Only R900.00 per person. Includes accommodation Friday Night, Dinner and a breakfast.

Jhb to Maseru -- 4 h 35 min (437,3 km)
Maseru to Ramabanta

1 h 11 min (61,2 km)
Ramabanta/ Roma Trading Post Lodge ---
Depart after Breakfast to negotiate the infamous “Baboons Pass” trail
We will sleep along the route on Saturday night. (This is dependent on conditions and timing) Will never know, until we are there.
Don’t forget to bring.
• Camping equipment (it can get chilly at nigh
• Refreshments
• Meat etc for Braai Saturday night ( I will bring braai, grills,charcoal)
• Breakfast goodies for Sunday morning. (I will bring kettle and Coffee )
• Recovery equipment
• Spare Wheel

The Baboons Pass rises from 1,300m altitude to more than 2,850m at the summit and has a length of 26 km (1 Full day and a half driving)

Very rocky terrain with very narrow sections on the edge of mind blowing cliffs. The scenery is spectacular and a must do for any 4x4 enthusiast (this is the Rubicon of South Africa).
HighLiftjacks,tyre repair kits and basic tools is all you need.
Rockrails are recommended
Low towbars a bad idea, so are Side runners.

Sunday – Complete Route by midday – return Home.
2 rivers Camping (Giyani, near Phalaborwa)
2 Rivers Trip

Date :- …29th June to 3rd July 2017 ………………… of ……….20th to 24th July 2017

Only R 1 200.00 per vehicle

All makes and Models of 4x4 welcome

It is nearly time to go on our weekend trip to the dry Letabo River near Phalaborwa.

After this trip, sand will never be Your nemesis again.

Giyani which is roughly a 6 hour drive to our overnight spot, is warm to hot during the day, however it does get chilly at night.
This is a Self Sufficient event, and you need to bring “everything” with.

Depart Jhb the first day, Thursday at meeting point around 10h00 and return the morning of the last day Monday morning – 4 nights of awesome camping, and 3 days of amazing Dry, soft sand river bed driving.

Visit ... tab=albums and browse albums for previous trips.
Hot and Sweaty -- Nice if you with a Lady---BAD if you in the Jungle.
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