4x4 Direct at it again for Customer Satisfaction

We like to moan when we receive bad service, but why not praise somebody for exceptional service your received from them for a change? Do it here, let us know who we can use and who we can trust.
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So here is the proof once again to any one that ever have wondered about customer service from 4x4 Direct.

Team 4x4 Direct is scoring top marks all over. They really are the best and this is what other companies should aspire to match in all levels including customer service.

Scenario was as follows:

Saturday morning late just before noon, I decided it was a good time to proceed with drilling holes in my Prado 120's Fender to fit the snorkel kit. Simple I thought, as I have fitted other snorkels before. :siffler:
Well what was supposed to be a relative simple job, became a struggle for me, and after getting in touch with Pieter and saying that I could not get it to fit, Pieter said that I should speak to Louis. So I chatted with Louis and he explained what I should look for and measure, which is what followed, however, I could not get it to fit nicely together. :blackeye:

So I decided to just fit the snorkel Body to cover the hole and then try and get it to a branch to have a look at it as something was amiss.

I called Louis this morning and he said to come straight through and lets have a look. So I popped out to Centurion and Louis and his team got to work. They took it off, and had a look and then slowly they did some magic and it was back all together as it should be. :surrender: And the missing link to get it to fit nicely was the lack my skills and overly logic reasoning which put the works upside down.

So rather get someone to do it for you, if you are not sure on how to do it and save yourself the red face afterwards. :silent:

Pieter and Louis, thank you for sorting it out and so quickly also. You guys are the best. :thumbup:
Johan Marais
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:thumbup: Always tops! :winkx:
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Great Feedback from a customer Well done guys.
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