4x4 Driver Training - Kungwini - 1st July 2017

Proper 4x4 training is important for all 4x4 owners.
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High Range 4WD
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Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:30 pm

Level One Driver Training and Vehicle Familiarization


R 750.00 per vehicle with 2 occupants. ---------- only R600 for Forum members.

08h30 for 09h00 Arrive for registration and coffee
09h00 Lecture (Theory)
1. Understanding the Features and workings of a 4WD Vehicle.
1. Discuss and explain 4wd system
2. High and Low range
3. Traction Control
4. Hill decent control
5. Crawl control
6. VSC
7. ABS
8. Diff Locks
9. Automatic Gearbox vs Manual Transmission.
10. Tyres - Pressures
2. Discuss the pro and cons of Safety and features the vehicle may have.
• Airbags
• Safety Belts
• Seating position
• Cargo and loose equipment in vehicle
• Windows and heights
10h00 Depart on Training Track
• Follow hand signals – use, AND Trusting YOUR Guide over an obstacle.
• Practical demonstration of negotiating Downhill (includes gear selection) – Crawl Mode.
• Steering –Power Steering, Full lock, hands and direction.
• Uphill accents
• Stall start
• Water crossing
• Cross over articulation – Traction control vs Diff-Lock
• Side Tilts
12h00 Depart on natural 4x4 Trail which would include most obstacles a driver may encounter during an off-road trip.

Note :- Emphasis is on safety, not only important for the occupants, but more so the vehicle.
All training is done in a safe and controlled environment.
No damage to vehicle should occur-IF you stay on the track and receive assistants from Instructor, and watch hand signals.
This is not a “Hold my Beer-and watch this” or Quarry gat scenario Remember this is not a challenge, but the end result will be for you to take your vehicle into an area, where before you were unsure of. And knowing how to negotiate any obstacle safely, and correctly, without any damage, as well as understanding the mechanics of what is happening .

You are free to ask any and as many questions related to the above subjects.

The day ends mid-afternoon, Bring Refreshments and meat for a braai. – I will make the fire.
Hot and Sweaty -- Nice if you with a Lady---BAD if you in the Jungle.
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