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And this is the part where we moan. If somebody rendered real bad service, weewee'd you off, caused you damage or cheated you (vehicle related), please please let us know by posting it here.
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Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:33 pm

After a long "think about it" session, I've decided to make this post.

In July 2010 I replaced my standard exhaust manifold with a viper branch. That was the worst decision I've ever made.

The guys mentioned above was the installers of my branch. My hilux is not really an everyday vehicle. It was a weekend and holiday vehicle. After 3000km (Aug 2011) my vehicle began to give me bad fuel consumption, around the 5.5km/l mark. I didn't pay much attention to that, as I couldn't even remeber what a proper 4y should get.

Then I started "krapping" on the carb, thought that was the problem. 8 moths later the problems got worst, until Feb 2012 when I had to set the idling at 1800rpm just to pull away without looking like a learner driver. So I took it to a mechanic in PE, which I met through my uncle, and probably the only mechanic I would ever trust (read in good service my experience using his service: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=23694" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)

The problem found by my mechanic, was lose manifold bolts, leaking intake and exhaust manifold. Exhaust manifold was thinner in material compared to intake manifold, so bolts never tightened. Thus my bad fuel consumption from that day.

Last Saturday, I paid a visit to the above mentioned branch as my warantee card clearly stated a 2 year warranty (I thought they could re-imburse a portion of the fixing up). The manager immediately looked for excuses, starting with, the warranty should only be 1 year on taxis and bakkies, and 2 years on cars, not on bakkies. Well, the dude himself filled in my card. Then after explaining my issue, he said that they don't garuantee the leaking gasket. Only the actual part (the bramch). He also said that it is impossible that my issue could be the leaking manifold (how do you explain that, because when my mechanic fixed it, the problem is gone....so that must have been the cause)

So I left empty handed and a grudge for that branch. So my Powerflow Viper brance only lasted 18 months or 3000km. How about that.....
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Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:35 pm

Sad when a service provider doesn't own up to their errors, even when it's not so obviously their mistake. Bad news travels faster and wider than good news and while it takes a lifetime to build up a good name it can be ruined in one hit with a bad incident like this.

I don't know if the Powerflow outlets are franchises or part of a national company, but I have always had good service from the local guys. A stainless system that they fitted cracked at a weld within the 2 year guarantee period ... repaired, no questions asked. Much later it cracked at the box ... out of guarantee, but they said that it should have been gusseted and put a gusset in .... no charge.

The point is that service levels differ from one outlet to another and that they can't be judged as a whole if one is falling short of acceptable service.

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