22r 4x4 gear shifting problem

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Team Dakar
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Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:20 pm

Hi mates. Great meeting you. I've been reading all your comments and suggestions. Thank you for all the information. I have a problem with my gear shifting. I recently replace a clutch kit aftet my truck started making scratching noise everytime I step on the clutch. After doing a complete clutch overall, I started having other issue. Sometimes when I had stopped at a traffic lights after driving on a highway , my truck take any gears. The clutch would be there but no gears until I switch off and start it on gear than it will drive and eventually take gears again. Now every morning I will start the truck but won't get any gears until I start it on gear, drive it outside my gate and all of a sudden, BOOOM the gears are changing. I've done both slave and master cylinders but no change. Hope you guys can help. I checked for fluid leaks but nothing. The clutch is always there.
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Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:53 pm

Welcome Wandile!

Did you replace the spigot bearing at the same time that you did the clutch? Could be that it's dragging and the syncro rings in the box may be a bit too worn to cope.

Another possibility is the gearbox oil ... did you replace it by any chance?
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High Range 4WD
High Range 4WD
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Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:52 am

Hi Wandile . I have the exact same problem with my 22R . I am taking it for a few repairs this or next wek Will let you know if I find anything , I am starting with the master slave cylinder .
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