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Hi All

I have a low mileage (70,000km) 2004 Toyota Condor 3,0 Diesel in excellent condition which I am considering converting to 4x4. Do you know of anybody that tried this before?

I thought about looking for a 4x4 vehicle that has body damage and transfer the parts to my vehicle.
Will the chassis need modification? Can I use my existing gearbox?

Somebody told me that Hilux parts will fit?

Any info will be appreciated.
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Schalk, normally this kind of conversion is much more costly than selling the existing 2x4 vehicle and buying a good second hand 4x4 one, and that is the route I would be inclined to follow. Your idea of buying a second hand 4x4 model and transferring the necessary parts might work out a little more affordable but there is still all the work hours and down time of the vehicle to consider. I cannot comment on the interchangeable Hilux parts.

Why specifically, do you want to stay with the Condor? You could get a very good price for it considering the low mileage and buy a good condition double cab Hilux that will be far more versatile and capable in off-road conditions. If you are able to find a decent SFA hilux, you will still have a lot of pocket change to bring about any modifications that you might like to do. ;-)
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Hi Schalk

In many ways I agree with Mud Dog.

I had a 4x4 Diesel Condor for many years. Initially the car was able to do what we wanted but after a while I found the lack of articulation slowly became a hinderance in more technical sections. The normal aspirated diesel could not be faulted offroad, but over long distances and on tour the lack of power made the drive very long.

We recently changed over to a KZTE double cab, and the difference is very noticable especially offroad and over long distance. The only complaint we have now is that the back seats are nowhere anywhere as comfortable as the Condor's seats.

If I could I would eventually look at going to Station wagon Cruiser. If you still want to go the Condor route rather sell the 4x2 and get the 4x4. There are some significant differencesbetween the two to make the conversion more work than the gain you will get.

Hope this helps.
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