Fixed Blade Camping/Survival Knife

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High Range 4WD
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Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:52 am

Any one have some suggestion of a good fixed blade Knife (Survival Type Knife).

I would like to use it as a general purpose camping tool, nothing serious for instance cutting wood/twigs (If I need to ), cutting through meat and misc items, I do some fishing (Very little). Want something easy to carry not to long a blade.

Not sure which brands can be trusted when it comes to knives, how much should you spend on a good knife without breaking the bank (I don't have a very big knife).

This is what I'm currently looking at: ... ting-knife - They seem new, cant get any info ... 94242AAAE8 - Little out of my price range
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Wed Dec 09, 2015 4:53 am

Hi Giovann.

Out of those 3 the Buck knife seems to be the best depending on how far the blade runs through the handle? The best knives have the blades steel running all the way to the bottom of the handle sandwiched between the grips.. This ensures that it will never break off when chopping etc. Cheap knives only have the blade extending into a handle 2 or 3cm but after a bit of a beating come lose and even break off.

You should also look at shopping elsewhere. Rosenthal gun shop in the CBD has a large range and for R600 you could even buy a hi carbon content machete.. That's the good stuff.. Carbon forged in the steel keeps the blades super sharp.. The Japanese method for making samurai swords.. Also try Blades and triggers in Canal Walk. They have allot larger range but their staff are all young so their knowledge is very limited..

Gerber... A sad dissapointment I'm afraid.. It's a great looking knife but the quality is sadly low.. The handle has the same problem as described above.. Between Grills and Gerber they went commercial on this range of knives and even the machete in the range is rubbish for the same reason..

I would buy a good quality but very affordable stainless steel knife for use around the camp kitchen and braai. Cutting meat on braai grids etc bugger up the blades. Then i would buy a machete from Rosenthal for the branches and harder wearing camp life..
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