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Modifications to your Toyota Fortuner
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Time for new tyres for the Fortuner. The 265/70R16 Goodyear AT/SA I fitted lasted 80 000km so not too bad. I was wondering if anyone has tried fitting 235/85 tyres to their Fortuner. If thick sand is about the worst you're going to have to handle I was thinking the larger footprint when deflated may help. Also, as my vehicle does more tar than gravel (I know a real shame) I also think the slightly narrower tyre may actually give slightly better fuel consumption. From what I see it won't be much different in terms of wheel circumference.

Any feedback will be appreciated.
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The original tire size for my SRX is 205/80R16. Same size as 235/70R16.
Profile for 235/85R16 is heigher than your original and the size change from 30.6 to 31.7"
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