Fridge problems

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Low Range 4WD
Low Range 4WD
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Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:29 pm

Evening all,

I've got two indel B 32L fridges running off of a 100 ah gel battery.
The fridges connect through a steca solar regulator.
My issue is that the fridges cut off for no apparent reason.

If running one or both fridges they will cut out at random times. Then the fridges won't turn on for a while. But voltage is fine on the battery. I've had the fridges checked and they are also fine.

Any ideas on what could be the issue?
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Top Web Wheeler
Top Web Wheeler
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Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:01 am

"dry joint"

You mention the fridges were tested and work correct.

Thus the cut out is related to "low voltage" Do understand that this low voltage only needs to be present for a short period - such as one fridge starting up and the starting amps causing a voltage dip.

With a "good" installation (all contacts in perfect condition" and all wires correctly sized the voltage dip should be minimal. Add one "dry joint" - a bad electrical connection - and everything measures fine, but you will experience voltage dips with the start up current.

It is "fun" trying to find these bad connections !! Start from one side work through the whole installation and re-solder or re-crimp all connections.
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