Boetamac's 4x2 D/C Project

If you drive a 4x2 Hilux, do NOT think you are not welcome. Post your questions here
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High Range 2WD
High Range 2WD
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Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:04 am

good day all.....

Ive started about a year ago preparing to fit a 7m in my 2,8d 4x2 d/c. Unfortunately my dad decided for me, 'don't mess with sumthing that aint broken'.

So now i have a fully running 7m on a stand in my garage. Complete with radiator,management,fuel pumps running brilliantly.

My D/C coming back to me doesnt seem to be happening any time soon.

So this morning i woke up with a new idea. Im contemplating 2JZ-gte(vvt) or 1UZ.

my question this morning is, With the 1UZ breaking drivetrain so easily,is this sumthing happening with the 2JZ too?

I intend going auto with both of them.....

Any thaughts....?
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