Vigo 2.5 D4D fuel cooler (alternative solution from 3.0 D4D)?

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Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:36 am

Vehicle: Vigo 2.5 SRX (155000km)

My diesel fuel filter light comes on intermittently. Does not seem to be under the same circumstances when it happens. It is the fuel filter light and not the water in fuel warning light.
The vehicle does not have and performance issues because the light came on. Fuel filter is new and clean. No water in the fuel.
Computer has logged no issues (Was checked 2 days ago).

Advice I got from Toyota dealer (workshop manager):
They will check the computer to see if any issues are reported.
They will rinse the fuel tank (for water contamination).
Replace the complete fuel filter housing. Sensors can have issues and it is not replaceable (new unit +-R1400)

Advice I got from workshop that service my vehicle (not a dealer but they specialises in Hiluxes):
As I have it the fuel filter has a sensor that detects if there is a drop (?) in pressure in the fuel line. That will activate the warning light for the fuel filter.
The 2.5 D4D engine does not have the same configuration as 3.0 D4D for the fuel pump. Seems to be far more unlikely to happen to the 3.0 D4D.
What happens is that the 2.5 will send fuel back to the tank if the bakkie is under load. This can cause the diesel to start heating up, causing evaporation, that causes a drop in pressure, that causes the warning light to trigger.
The 3.0 D4D has a fuel cooler that deals with this issue.

I can replace the fuel filter unit with a new one but not sure if that will solve the problem.
Does anybody have any knowledge about this and whether it is possible to retrofit the 3.0 D4D fuel cooler to the 2.5?
If so, what needs to happen and what needs replacement?

Diagram link:(Part 23917 is fuel cooler) ... ank-tube/4

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