ABS modulator replacement

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Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:16 pm

Hi all, hoping to get some local knowledge on a replacement for my mother-in-law's ABS modulator. I'm in the States, and work on my own trucks but new to the Hilux (she lives in Zim.)

Her mechanic (good shop, I trust their work) has said that she'll need a new ABS modulator. I have done some digging and best I can figure out from her VIN is that she has a 2001 3.0 turbo diesel SR, KZN165R-PRMSTN frame. I used two website part finders to come up with the P/N 44050-35020 for the ABS pump/modulator, and what I can find on ebay, etc., it appears that is the correct part. It looks like the same part was used in T100 trucks in the US, but replacement modules are like $1500USD, but I can get a used one for ~$100-400 USD.

I was hoping that someone in SA could help point me towards a more local website or shop that I could order a replacement (new would be ideal) that I could have shipped to her in Zim, or double check my findings/confirm that the below listings would work for her.

Images of what she has https://imgur.com/a/WFjzu

Potential listings I have seen as replacement, but not sure how much I trust this site (though it looks promising): one or two
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