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Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:35 pm
by Rusti
Hi guys.

We are planning on going to Mozambique early January. So I have a few questions. Any advice is welcome.

I went to Mozambique about 8 years ago and have been longing to go back ever since. We didn't have a 4x4 so we only got as far as Bilen.

1. We are going as far as inhambane this time. Where are the best places to go to in inhambane but within reasonable budget. We are looking for chalets. Not camping and no BnB's. Just want to chill by ourselves for a week with a bit of luxury.

2. I know the weather is not 100% in Jan and this year there were typhoons.. Jan is best time for us because girlfriend is in hospitality industry so December is unfortunately out of question.

3. What are the places that MUST be seen?

4. What are petrol prices there like?

5. Any other advice?

We want to drive from Cape town to Kimberly. Then to JHB or maybe straight to Maputo. Basically just cruise up in 2 or 3 days and then spend a week in Inhambane.

Thanks guys!

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 9:50 am
by Haboob
Hi Duane, Did you get any info on Moz for your planned trip to Moz ?

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:22 am
by Rusti
Hi Edge,

Nope.. But it looks like we are visiting family in Knysna instead.

Are you planning a moz trip?

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:07 am
by Haboob
No Duane, but we did plan one for about 2013 which did not materialise because of the problems that were being experienced there at the time...
We are kitted so would camp, and would not even look at self catering options. I could sent you a trip planner if you wish, as there isnormally self catering at or near any campsite. I just shy away from the expected corruption in that part of the world...

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:19 am
by Rusti
Hi Edge,

Apologies for the late reply. I didn't set this post to notify me when there is a response so I missed yours.

If you could send me your trip planner that would be great! We will hopefully do it next year so when we do we'll take a slow scenic route up over 3 days. Maybe 2 days to get to Maputo and then go to Inhambane the next day so,I promised the Mrs a little bit of luxury.. When I was there we paid R800 for a 2 bed room in the Cardosa hotel in Maputo and then R400/ night for a 2 bedroom cottage in Bilen so it really wasn't badly priced.. We've looked online and found some very reasonably priced places but I would be very hesitant to book in advance due to corruption etc. We would gladly do so if we had been there before but for all we know we could be booking a place that does not even exist.. but anyway.. that's something to think about next year..

Edge how many times have you been?

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:21 am
by Haboob
Duane, I have never been to Moz. The biggest factor is the corruption that is apparently very prevalent there. We also normally travel alone, which leaves no back-up in times of need.
This was my intended trip into Moz with a friend in about 2013, but was cancelled by the friend due to the problems being experienced there prior to elections. We went to Kruger and Natal coast instead...

Mozambique 2013/05/25to 2013/06/14 (5 800 & 5 000Km’s)
Friday 2013/05/24 @ 03:00 – 18:00 1025 Km’s (Take Padkos // Braai & Broodtjies Viv
KWT ----(413)---- Kokstad ----(209)-- Pietermaritzburg ----(69)---- Greytown ----(123)---- Dundee ----(7)----R- R621----(35)---- N11-R----(20)---- Newcastle----(38)---- Volksrust N11 R-Caravan Park 5 km’s to dam on gravel road ----(99)-- Ermelo ----(12)---- N11 L- turn Heins Farm Resort.
Saturday 2013/05/25 @ 04:00 – 16:00 208 km’s(Take Padkos // Braai & Broodtjies Viv
Heins Farm Resort ----(13)---- Estancia R turn ----(13)---- Breyten----(32)---- Carolina(R38) ----(53)---- Badplaas(R-38)----(60)---- R-40(Barberton)L- ----(37)-- Nelspruit (Lakeview Lodge and Caravan Park) or Ben-Marie Wit Rivier
Sunday 2013/05/26 @ 07:00 – 15:00 302 Km’s (Take Padkos // Potjie & Bread Viv
Nelspruit ----(40)---- KaapMuiden----(24)---- Malelane ---(5)---- Malelane Gate ----(62)--- Skukuza ----(100)---- Satara ----(73) ---- Letaba
S A High Commission in Maputo 00258 21 24 3000 (book in Olifants office or Satara –camping).
Monday 2013/05/27 @ 07:00 – 17:00 312 Km’s (Take Padkos // Braai & Broodtjies June
Letaba Camp ---- (30) ---- Giriyondo---- (70) ---- Masingir Dam ---- (20) ---- Aguia Pesqueira GPS S 23.85725 E 32.00724---- (95) ---- Chokwe ---- (70) ---- Macia---- (32) ---- Bilene Park Flores R65pp, Complexo Palmeiras R50pp e-mail:
Tuesday 2013/05/28 @ 07:00 – 17:00 50 Km’s (Take Padkos // Fish Braai & Salad Viv
Bilene Park Flores R65pp, Complexo Palmeiras R50pp e-mail:
Wednesday 2013/05/29 @ 07:00 – 16:00 272Km’s (Take Padkos // Portu Chicken & Salad June
Bilene ---- (32) ---- Macia ---- (70) ---- Xai-Xai ----(140)---- Quissico (N- Turn S24*42.920 S34*44.916 Praia Mar e Sol 4x4 Bush Camp R85pp)
Thursday 2013/05/30 @ 07:00 – 16:00 163 Km’s (Take Padkos// Prego Rolls Viv
Quissico ----(120)---- Lindela ----(3.5)---- R- turn (S24*16.699 E35*14.206) ----(26)---- Paindane(S24*06.068 E35*29.839)- R100pp 40% disc out season OR ----(3.5)---- N-Guinjata Bay R80pp(L&W) OR N----(7)---- R- S24*00.195 E35*25.508----(3)---- Baia dos Cocos (Coconut Bay)R70pp-Neat,grassed & local dishes in Restaurant e-mail:

Friday 2013/05/31 @ 07:00 – 16:00 280 Km’s (Take Padkos // Braai & Bread June
Inhambane- Baia dos Cocos (Coconut Bay) ----(23)---- Inhambane ----(24)---- Tofo – Bamboozi’s R120pp e-mail: Tofinho turnoff is to the R- a few hundred meters before Tofo Turtle Cove Lodge R50ppIntersection----(5)---- R-turn Lighthouse at Ponta da Barra ----(2.3)---- Farol da Barro 4x4 campsite(Beautiful-no price) & Lighthouse Campsite R90pp continue short cut to Barra point----(6) ---- Barra-Areia Branca Lodge R55pp L&W.
Saturday 2013/06/01 @ 07:00 – 17:00 295 Km ‘s (Take Padkos // Portu Chicken & Salad Viv
Barra-Areia Branca Lodge R55pp L&W ----(25)---- Inhambane ----(24)-- R short cut to EN1----(20)--- Maxixe (Masheesh- Campismo de Maxixe R45pp) ----(24)-- Morrumbene R-Linga-Linga ----(13)--- Linga-Linga Camping-No Prices----(13)---- Morrumbene ---(8)---R-to Morrungulo ----(13)--- Morrungulo Holiday Resort R75pp OR Sylvia Shoal Resort & Adventure Divers R100pp----(13)--- EN1 250m further along EN1 turn R-----(18)--- Pomene Lodge R160pp (good fishing as this is a reserve)----(133)--- L-Turn after turn off to Vilankulos to Archipelago Sun &Blue Waters Beach Resort R100pp. Further on Casa de Josef e Tina R50pp email:
Sunday 2013/06/02 @ 07:00 – 17:00 100Km ‘s (Take Padkos // Fish Braai & Salad June
Vilanculo ----(80)---- Turn off R- S21*34.370 E35*04.266 to Inhassoro----(14)---- Inhassoro L-Complexo Turistico Seta which is used to gain access to Camping R90pp Old Ablutions. R- Inhassoro Beach Lodge R70pp e-mail:
Goody Villas on South side of town on the beach R58pp with 22 v power
Monday 2013/06/03 @ 07:00 16:00 100 Km ‘s (Take Padkos // Braai & Rolls Viv
Inhassoro----(60)---- L-Turn after turn off to Vilankulos to Archipelago Sun &Blue Waters Beach Resort R100pp. Further on Casa de Josef e Tina R50pp email:
Tuesday 2013/06/04 @ 07:00 – 17:00 50 Km ‘s (Take Padkos // Sea Food & Rolls June
Vilanculo ----(8)----Dhow trip to Ilha Benguerua Dhow Trip cost from R560 booked through Sail Away OR Dolphin Dhow Safaris in Vilanculo.
Wednesday 2013/06/05 @ 07:00 -17:00 274Km’s (Take Padkos // Portu Chicken & Bread Viv Vilanculo ----(220)---- Inhambane ----(32)---- Barra---(14) ---- Tofo ----(6)---- Intersection (Bar Babalaza)----(16)---- Inhambane

Thursday 2013/06/06 @ 07.00 – 17:00 102 Km’s (Take Padkos // Braai & Pap June
Inhambane ----(32)---- Barra----(14) ---- Tofo (& Visit Resorts)----(6)---- Intersection (Bar Babalaza)----(16)---- camp
Friday 2013/06/07 @ 07:00 – 17:00 402 Km’s (Take Padkos // Sea Food & Bread Viv camp ----(275)---- Xai-Xai ----(95)---- Macia( L-Turn S25*01.626 E33*05.776)---- (32) ---- Bilene
Saturday 2013/06/08 @ 07:00 – 17:00 334 Km’s (Take Padkos // Portu Chicken & Rolls June
Bilene----(32)---- Macia ----(75)----Magude ----(90)----Moamba ----(6)---- EN 4 ----(41)---- EN 2
----(5)---- Boane----(30)---- Porto Henrique ----(12)---- L-turn to Catembe----(43)---- Catembe Packers Lodge (Retiro serves great sea food, prego’s & chicken to the right of the ferry)
Sunday 2013/06/09 @ 07:00 – 15:00 97Km’s (Take Padkos // Braai & Pap Viv
Catembe ----(42)---- Bela Vista ----(17)---- Salamanga----(38)---- Zitundu (L-To Ponta Malogane Holiday Resort Shaded campsites) R80 pp
Monday 2013/06/10 @ 08:00 – 14:00 11 Km’s (Take Padkos // Prego Rolls June
Ponta Malogane Follow road South----(11)---- Ponta do Ouro Beach Resort R85 pp
Tuesday 2013/06/11 @ 08:00 – 15:00 411 Km’s (Take Padkos // Braai & Broedtjies Viv
Ponta do Ouro L- West along the Border Fence for 8.5 km’s to the Border Post----(40)---- Kosi Bay ---- (20) ---- Kangwanase---- (20) ---- L-Turn to Mbazwana ---- (47) ---- Mbazwana ---- (29) ---- Lower Mkuze---- (54) ---- Hluhluwe ---- (6) ---- N2 ---- (46) ---- L-Turn to Mtubatuba ---- (5) ---- Mtubatuba ---- (32) ---- St Lucia Estuary---- (32) ---- Mtubatuba---- (2) ---- L-Turn to Kwa Mbonambi---- (24) ---- Kwa Mbonambi---- (29) ---- Empangeni---- (17) ---- Richards Bay Campsite
(visit places of interest & coastal towns along the way…Salt Rock, Shaka’s Rock, Ballito, etc.)
Wednesday 2013/06/12 @ 08.00 – 16:00 700 Km’s (Take Padkos // Potjie & Bread June
Richards Bay ---- (700) ---- Kimberley (Just estimating as you say it is shorter)
Wednesday 2013/06/12 @ 08.00 – 16:00 417 Km’s (Take Padkos // Braai & Pap Viv
Richards Bay ---- (17) ---- Empangeni ---- (35) ---- Mtunzini (Palm Nut Vultures)---- (150) ---- Umhlanga Rocks ---- (70) ---- N3---- (140) ---- Scottborough

Thursday 2013/06/13@ 07.00 – 17:00 191 Km’s (Take Padkos // Braai & Salad Viv
Scottborough---- (70) ---- Port Shepstone ---- (21) ---- Ramsgate(Burger Knives, Munster e-mail: ) ---- (29) ---- Port Edward ---- (29) ---- Ramsgate ---- (21) ---- Port Shepstone ---- (21) ---- Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve
Friday 2013/06/14 @ 07.00 – 16:00__630 Km’s (Take Padkos // Nando’s Viv
Port Shepstone ---- (651) ---- King William’s Town

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:01 pm
by Gunta
I live in Tofo inhambane now since December. Corruption is no worse than SA but it's a whole lot safer. I packed up everything and bought a lodge here and it's an awesome place to be. January is hot but still a nice time to come. Water is around 28 deg and if you dive then you've come to the right place.

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:48 am
by Haboob
Thanks Mark, Will look into that in the next year or two when I will have a lot more time on my hands...

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:12 am
by pietdevs
Take a lot of cash to pay bribes on the way. You will be fined - even for wearing sun glasses when the sun is not shining. I have been to Moz many times - lovely country but don't go anymore due to the excessive bribery and corruption.... When we were on the beach last time (2014) we had to pay beach tax, reef tax, diving tax, fishing tax etc etc and all went into the "chef de port's" pocket. Rather go to a place in SA where there are set rules and regulations. I need to enjoy my hols.....

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:19 am
by Rusti
Hi Mark,

Post a link to your website.. It sounds like the place for us.. We haven't yet started putting money aside for a big trip like this so this year we are going to see family in knysna for a week instead. So next year we will be heading your way.

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:40 am
by Rusti
Mark how much is petrol there now? Ive heard a year ago it was as much as R20/ L? Any truth to that? Also how is the quality of the petrol there? I've heard it can often be diluted.. we were thinking of filling up all jerry cans and dual fuel tanks in Nelspruit and driving to your side and back to Nelspruit on SA prices to save money and avoid dodge petrol..

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:51 am
by Gunta
My website is
Petrol is Mt50 per litre and is fine we don't have problems with it. Diesel is Mt40 per litre. Be careful at the border they sometimes charge you for petrol in jerry cans. They are not allowed to so tell them to show you in the book where it says you must pay.
They fine you mainly for speeding so watch your speed in the towns but you can normally get off with a Mt200 bribe otherwise request they write a ticket. They will take what ever money you have on you. It's not as bad as it was a few years ago. Remember it's a poor country and they are all trying to make a living. But one thing is for sure it's much safer than SA, we don't have any crime other than a bit of petty theft.

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:13 am
by Haboob
Mark, What is the exchange rate (Mt - R)?

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:38 am
by Gunta
At the moment 3.1 mets to the rand

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:14 pm
by Haboob
Thanks Mark, so not worth the effort for Duane to cart the fuel over the Border as it is a few cents more expensive than here...

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:06 pm
by Rusti
Ja definitely not worth it.. Glad to save us the hassle and with additional weight etc.. Was also concerned about jerry can 'tax'.. Thanks Mark.

I know a landscaper that works across Africa and he reckons Angola is the most corrupt.. When they truck trees up there he just gives the driver an envelope for "tax".. Otherwise they stop the whole shipment..

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:46 pm
by Gunta
I don't know any African country that isn't corrupt. Safety is the biggest issue. Mozambique , Zambia , Malawi and Botswana are all safe countries to travel. SA is probably the worst in Southern Africa for crime and corruption.

Re: Planning our Mozambique trip

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:07 am
by Johan Kriel
Been thr' Moz now from Pafuri to Generezhou, the Moz police at border control only search the vehicles to see what they can get. Asking for beers etc., and wanted magazines. Useless gang! SA, Bots and Zim police were a bit more professional.