Carbon Monoxide

Here we discuss various alternative energy solutions. From converting your car to electricity to converting your home to be off the grid.
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Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:27 pm

I quote this from another topic. I want to keep the different option seperate for discussion:
BenHur wrote: Pieter

You are right about the Arabs causing advances in technology. My brother who is a chemical engineer specialising in environmental engineering stumbled across this technology that some Yankee industries is now using where they take the carbon monoxide that is released from burning coal in their ovens to firstly run internal combustion engines that drive generators to produce electricity for the rest of the plant, and the gasses that is then captured from these engines is then pumped into water and with some process of photosynthesise or something is used to grow a special form of algae which can be harvested to produce an oil that is again used to create bio-diesel with.

This technology was already developed in the 80s with US government funding but when the oil prices lowered at that stage the plans were shelved until a year or 2,3 back.

My brother is in negotiations with some of these companies to buy the technologies and start a plant at the mine group he works for very soon. His estimate is that at the rate that Eskom power goes up it would be feasible for his group to self provide all their own electricity in about 3 years time and the bio-diesel will be used for all the trucks carrying their product (chrome ore). He says that if they do not refine the oil into proper grade diesel that can be used in any diesel engine but rather spend about R100K per truck to make it capable to run on the unrefined oil, they will see a return on investment within 6 months. He says that some of the oil companies is also looking very closely at this technology as a possible source to reduce our dependency on importing oil.

At this stage wherever you see a plant with a big blue flame on the roof burning "afgas" which is carbon monoxide (toxic) being changed into carbon dioxide which is non toxic, you see a possible site to implement one of these algae plants.
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