Here we discuss various alternative energy solutions. From converting your car to electricity to converting your home to be off the grid.
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Sorry if there is a discussion on this, I can't find any info on BD here, prob cuz I'm new here :)

I have a 93 2.4d and I am looking to go to BD but I'm worried about it destroying the internals of my pump... I can change out other lines what have you, but don't want my pump to crap out... So can anyone inform me about possible issues my pump might have, if it even has any seals that might not stand up to the bio and any other foreseen issues that might happen? THANKS for you time!

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Welcome "kinewman" :thumbup: (I don't even know what to call you - perhaps you could complete your profile so that we can see who you are and in what city / town you reside :eh: ).

As far as I am aware, there are some issues with the B D attacking the seals. Better not to take the chance. That said, let's see what the diesel heads here have to say about it. ;-)
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All fuel systems in any diesel engine manufactured after 1996 are compatible with biodiesel. Look at all the diesel cars, LDV's and trucks in the EU. It is mandated by EU law that all diesel sold in the EU must have at least 5% biodiesel. This is going to be increased to 7% in 2016.
Common rail injection systems such as in the D-4D can use biodiesel up to a maximum blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% fossil diesel. It doesn't matter whether it is blended with 10ppm, 50ppm or 500ppm.
Only buy biodiesel from a reputable producer that is able to provide an independent test certificate for his biodiesel from a licenced test laboratory.
There are many vehicles that are warranted to use higher blends of biodiesel such as 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% and even 100%.
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