Are the manufacturers doing enough?

Here we discuss various alternative energy solutions. From converting your car to electricity to converting your home to be off the grid.
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Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:33 am

Are the vehicle manufacturers doing enough to make cars more economical.

Have a look at the ad below at the bottom left of the Corolla It says "Ongelooflike 5.8l / 100km, that is 17 km/l. Why is it that the manufacturers could in all these years with the technology and fuel injection still manufacture 1300 and 1600 that gives you 12km/l Most of the modern cars cannot even come remotely close to that consumption!

I use to drive a 1987 1800 Jumbo golf with a normal carburettor on. That 20 year old car, while towing a trailer, gave us 14km/l on the open road. How many of today's cars can match that.
Remember in the 90s those Fugly Monzas were on the roads? The 1800 Monza gave 20km/l

Check out his one, it does 40kkm/l with a 1500 engine. ... 96,00.html

Why is it that manufacturers cannot improve on the consumption?
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