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Monster Truck
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On the forum, we are a diverse set of people from different cultures and moving in different circles but we all have one thing in common and that is our love for the 4x4 life style and our Hiluxes.

So in the interest of keeping this forum experience pleasant for all we want to make the following request:

Please be sensitive to fellow forum members. Treat them with respect and respect their views on a subject. Do not attack anybody personally and if you are not happy with a post rather report it to Admin than taking on someone directly. Leave mediation up to us. At the bottom right corner of every post is a little button with an exclamation mark. If you click on it it opens a post in which you can lay a complaint about the offending post.

You can even ask us to keep the complaint anonymous, and if it has merit, we will try to resolve it amicably as far as humanly possible.

Lets keep this great forum a pleasant experience for very one.


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