Baboons June 2017 -Again

Tell us about your favorite 4x4 trail. Tell us how easy or difficult it was, is there escape routes for the faint hearted? Please add some photographs if you can.
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High Range 4WD
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Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:26 pm

This past, very cold weekend a small group headed up to Lesotho to once again do the notorious Baboons Pass.

26km over a day and a half of steep, undulated and Rocky ............ I mean "lots of rocks" terrain will put any vehicle and its driver to the ultimate challenge.

Not to mention, what abuse the tyres must accept and endure.

Friday morning we met at the Petro Port for coffee, greetings etc. Not long and we headed via Bethlehem into Maseru ( whatever you do, make sure you get a passport stamp, even if they wave you through)

Friday night was in a nice warm bed with electric blanket, and this was just to spoil our guests for what was to come the next night.

2 Land Cruisers, a Monster of a Jeep - Our Trusty Hilux and ............ believe it or not, a new Navara with 1 300km on the clock. : :shock:

Even with the slow going, Lesotho doesn't disappoint with those Majestic mountains, iced over streams and stunning views.

Camping on top of the mountain is the usual call ........... but looks like we all getting weaker, so we headed off to Semonkong and booked in at the dormitory, which at least has a kitchen, Braai, warm bed and hot shower- what next ?

Ok, so I slipped off a rock, and clipped my door :thumbdown: The Navara reformed that fancy new bumber, and added an additional crease into the rear fender, obviously looks better than when the manufacturer designed it, and apparently the left side also looks better with some well designed scratches front to back.

Not happy with all the abuse this past weekend, we once again pack up on Friday for one more Group tour over the treacherous ROCKS. - last one for this year as the snow WILL cover the road soon.
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