Blo-Wiz tyre inflation system

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Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:28 am

I was approached by Koos and Dave from Blo-Wiz to test their tyre inflation system in the field and to take some video clips for them. The Blo-Wiz system basically consists of a light weight, high quality imported aluminium gas cylinder with SABS (SANS) approval which holds 2kg of liquid CO². It is shipped with a high pressure hose and inflator with snap-on adapters.





The suppliers claim that it can easily inflate 20 average tyres from 1 bar to 2.2 bar at ambient temperature. When inverted, the cylinder is just as effective as a standard CO² fire extinguisher, with the added advantage that the trumpet is on the lower end of the cylinder, making it easy to reach underneath the vehicle. Extremely reliable with no moving parts.

The cylinder can be refilled at all major gas refillers at a fee averaging around R20/kg.

On our first attempt at testing the system, we were quite dissapointed as we only managed to inflate one of my 33" tyres from 0 (absolutely flat) to 2.2, and the other 3 from 0.6 to 2.2 before the cylinder was empty. Koos and Dave exchanged the empty cylinder for a full one and asked me to try again.

I didnt take the system out on a trail the 2nd time around, but debeaded 2 of my 31" spare tyres, and used the system to rebead the tyres. Of this procedure I took a video-clip. The system works well, but unfortunately with dumb fingers, I wasted most of the gas in the first cylinder with limited success. I did, however, manage to get both tyres back on the rims, and inflated them to 2.2.

The Blo-Wiz system does work like a charm, and is capable of inflating my 33" tyre from 0 to 2.2 bar in less than 1 minute, with stops in between to check the pressure. So if you are looking for something to inflate your tyres very quickly this is the system to use. But it is not without its flaws. I find that the cylinder is bulky to transport, and once it is empty it is empty.

Can inflate your tyres in no time.
Can be used as a fire-extinguisher.
Relatively cheap to refill
Once you used it it gets very cold (gas thermal exchange), and you can chill your beers with it.

Bulk cylinder to transport
Limited use.

My impression is that once you learned how to use it, it works great. But in my own setup, I wont replace my trusty compressor with one of these. If I was to buy one, it would purely be for the ease of use, and I would only use it "close to home". On longer trips, I would still pack my compressor, for the chance that the CO2 runs out, and I end up without air to inflate the tyres. It does rebead a tyre with ease, but there are other ways to do this as well. Unfortunately, in my experience, the claim of inflating 20 average tyres from 1 bar to 2.2 bar have not been proved, and I would like to see if this can indeed be done.

The cost of the system is approx R1350 for the 2kg cylinder. It is also available in a 5kg cylinder, at R1880. They will also supply a funky cnavas cover with a logo of your choice embroidered on it, at an additional fee. You can have a look at their website" onclick=";return false; for more information and contact details.

Rebeading a tyre with Blo-Wiz

And deflating them again with a Badger
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Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:38 pm

Good, honest review, thanks Thys.
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