Racechip Pro2 Member Discount !!

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High Range 4WD
High Range 4WD
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Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:56 pm

Hi All

We are offering a member discount for October 2013 on the RaceChip Pro2 for all 3.0D4D !! :mrgreen:
We will also give a FREE Liqui-Moly injector cleaner with each purchase. :yahoo:
Please be sure to give as much detail ie. year model,engine size 2.5 or 3.0 diesel turbo when requesting stock and pricing ??
Feel free to send me a Mail or a PM for further details.

Pro2 Chip
2012 onwards-
Pro2 Chip

How does the RaceChip work?
The RaceChip is connected between the engine control unit and the injection unit. The engine control unit normally sends the data directly to the injection unit. Now, the RaceChip receives the data first and optimizes it tailored to the driving situation. Furthermore, the RaceChip is only active, when you need the performance. Thus you’re driving is engine-protective. We modify the injection values of the vehicle with the RaceChip, i.e. the injection quantity; injection duration and the injection time are optimized. Additionally, (if present) the turbo charging pressure is increased by max. 0.2 bars. This optimization results in a power improvement respectively leads to a fuel saving.
What is Chiptuning?
The so-called Chiptuning module or box is an additional plug-in device (additional electronic device), which can be installed in or removed from a car easily without special knowledge. The module will awake the hidden performance reserves of the respective engine which the manufacturers keep in an average tolerance range when programming the engine management due to the different market requirements worldwide. So, our Chiptuning can use these reserves, however, without exceeding the real maximum load of the engine. With its integrated high-performance processor inside the casing, the Chiptuning box optimizes and adjusts the maps and so removes the acceleration control and torque limitations of the engine. And this is the clearest advantage of Chiptuning with a box: The serial engine management is not changed as only an additional electronic device is used and all engine protection programs remain active. This kind of motor tuning can be used for nearly all types of diesel or petrol vehicles. The chip can be individually adjusted to the customer's requirements with a rotary control switch respectively a jumper strip (depending on the model).
All advantages at a glance:
 Digital functionality Adaptation of characteristic field (up to 100000 times per sec.)
 Up to 25 % more performance (up to 30% with RaceChip PRO 2 or Ultimate)
 Up to 20 % more torque
 Up to 1,5 l fuel savings / 100 km
 First-rate aluminum casing, extremely robust and shock-proof
 Easy and quick installation, no special tools needed
 Same exhaust values and emission class
 Splash-proof, Manual and automatic transmission
 For common-rail diesel vehicles and all petrol turbo cars
 Plug-in cable harness Individually adjustable Vehicle capable of being diagnosed
 No intervention in the motor control device
 Removable without traces
 Suitable for vehicles with soot particle filter
 Long-term tested
 Same motor service life as in factory condition
Does RaceChip harm my engine?
No, as our RaceChip uses the performance reserves the vehicle producers provided in their engine design. As the RaceChip will only be switched on when you really need the power (e.g. when you accelerate), the components like the engine, the coupling, the transmission and the brakes are only stressed in line with the technically feasible scope. All protection functions of the engine, like e.g. the emergency programs aren't switched off.
Can I carry out the installation without automotive knowledge?
The installation of the RaceChip is very simple, even without automotive knowledge. However, when you are not sure, your local garage will be pleased to assist you. Along with the RaceChip you will receive full installation instructions in English with detailed photos; also on the RaceChip web site you can find specific installation videos.
Can the RaceChip be traced after the removal?
No. An additional control unit in the engine compartment is not traceable after the removal. After the removal of the RaceChip its operation is not traceable and the vehicle is directly set back to its serial performance. Thus the RaceChip is ideal for leasing, financing or company vehicles. We have optimized the complete vehicle fleet of some of our major clients. As the operation is not traceable after the removal, this is a decisive advantage. So you always have the possibility to disassemble the RaceChip before you drive to your Dealer. This can be done within a few minutes. And your Dealer cannot trace the RaceChip.
Can I adjust the RaceChip individually?
Yes, it can be adjusted individually without specialist knowledge. However, the RaceChip already has a factory setting which provides the best ratio of power improvement and fuel saving.
Can I use the RaceChip again when I exchange my vehicle?
Yes, when you’re new vehicle has got the same injection technique than your former one. However, it's possible that you need a new wire harness or software. You can buy the wire harness you need from us and we are able to reprogram the RaceChip for your new vehicle, if necessary.

This should answer most of you`re questions !!
Available for most vehicles - Turbo Diesel and Turbo Petrol !!!
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