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Here you can recommend establishments that offer good service at reasonable prices .......and in addition you can recommend things to do in an area both locally and neighboring countries ......
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Hallo all,

As you already know we are always looking and busy with new ways of increasing our funding and this time I'm in the process of finalizing a booking system that is going to make your next holiday and adventure planning a breeze but more so, will be able to not only generate an income stream for A4C but anyone who is looking for a part time - passive generating income stream. "See the sample below how it could work great for this forum's funding"

Although HoofKantoor the system is already up and running and been used by AfriSki (Lesotho) and a few other places for quite some time now, the new look and feel will be launch within the next 2 to 3 months and the front-end YesBookNow.com in about the same time frame.

Couple of ways to assist us and generate income yourself, read below and if you need more information, please let me know: Keep in mind info below is very basic ;-)
1) Get 1% of the first year's booking fees when you refer a "vendor" (Vendor is the actual camp site, or hotel, or activity like a 4x4 track that requires people to book, etc.) and the vendor sign's up to use the system.

2) Get between 3 and 4% of all bookings when you have your own travel web site or page and people make bookings through your web site.

3) If you have a B&B, or venue or any requirement for a booking system that can do real time bookings and take credit card payments and would like to become listed on a large range of agent sites using the same system with a fixed and minimum booking charge of 10% max, and as low as 0% if you do your own bookings using the system, then get in touch so that I can explain the system in more detail and get your venue, spot, activity or business listed ;-)
Keep in mind with this system you will save not only on credit card fees but booking agent fees that offers no real time system with full admin functionality, reporting and a very large marketing platform! There are no hidden and monthly costs, you only pay for what you use and at most 10% of the booking costs.

Let me give you an example if Hilux 4x4 decides to use the HoofKantoor system:
Step 1) Create a new page and let the developers talk to integrate the plug-in (No Cost)
Step 2) Approach all the regular camp sites, 4x4 venues that works with bookings, etc. to use HoofKantoor as their booking system (The forum or person getting the successful sign-up receives 1% of the first year's bookings)
Step 3) Get as many people though the year to do their bookings through Hilux 4x4's pages (Receive between 3 and 4% of all confirmed and paid bookings every month)
Step 4) Get clever, the more your site is used start negotiating better package deals with your vendor and be the only one on the network to offer it, start getting creative and increase the traffic to your site, commission earns and special packages.

Further more, if you do not have a web site or require a revamp of current web site, we now offer full web hosting, web development and much more ;-)

Now don't ask me in a few months why I did not give you inside information when you start seeing and hearing from YesBookNow and the booking system ;-) This thing is going to be bigger, better and more popular than any other system that think they are close to what we can do ;-) HoofKantoor was developed and tested by real travellers and more so a world class holiday resort, we know what works and what doesn't ;-)

Look forward to your feedback! Go take a look at the current site but keep in mind it is busy being completely re-designed with a much easier user interface, will keep you posted once new sites are done but remember nothing stops you from using the current system ;-) http://www.hoofkantoor.co.za/
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