Legend 45 Auto downhill creep

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Good day. I'm new to this forum and bought my first 4x4. My 3D4D engine and auto gearbox does not "break" or assist with steep downhill creep like I'm used to with a manual. Is this normal for the auto box?
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Very typical of most torque converters. doesnt take much rev increase from the motor side to engage, but needs a lot more from the g-box side before it grips. Best is to use 1st gear low-range which will help spin the converter from the gearbox side, but if it's still "running away" 1L 4x4 then the only other option is to assist with the brakes. At least the braking power will distribute between front and back through the X-fer box.
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I also had to get used to the same thing when I switched from manual to auto. As with anything, there are advantages and drawbacks for both. Auto is much more controlled on uphill compared to manual because you don't have to fight the clutch, but downhill manual beats auto - hands down.

As Muddog suggested - pre-select 1st gear (don't keep it "D") in low range and assist with using breaks on downhill.

I watched an episode of Safari 4x4 Roetes where Andre spoke about this every issue. The front breaks will always provide more breaking force compared to the rear breaks. When one drives downhill with an Auto box - especially in thick sand or on very slippery surfaces; it is very important to be cognizant of what your vehicle's rear-end is doing. In some cases when one applies breaks, the rear-end could want to slide sideways. The best way to correct that is by releasing breaks and apply a bit of throttle to pull the vehicle straight.

Its a bit unnerving, but once you get used to it, there isn't much it - really.
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