2014 Hilux KUN26 pulling to left.

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Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:16 pm

Hello good day gents I have had a problem on going with my Hilux for a few months now.

When i bought the Hilux in May of last year. (second hand) it was driving fine, but from around December of last year I have notice the Hilux likes to pull slightly to the left when ever i am driving. ( Not while breaking)

I did the following things to try are rectify the issue but its still there.
I have rotated the tyers. I placed the front wheels to the back and the back wheels to the front. ( I did notice the front tyers did have wear and tear)
I took it to have an wheel alignment it still pulled to the left.
I have had 3 wheel alignments done since December with the latest being in Jan of this year ( the first time when I had one done the guy showed me the tyer on the left did have some wear on the inside of the tyer.

each time the wheel alignments are done the issue seems to disrepair for about a week and then it starts back pulling to the left. the guy who does the wheel alignment also did a check to make sure that no bushings or rubbers where worn down, ( unless he wouldnt have done the wheel alignments if they were any)

I took it to 3 different wheel alignment shops and they all confirmed that no bushings or anything was worn.

I jacked the Hilux up and pulled, shaked the wheels and i have no kind of play what so ever. to indicate i have wheel bearing failure.

Now the only thing i haven't done is replace all four tyers with brand new ones, I am goimg to do that next month. But i hope if i do it fixes the issue.

can anyone shade some help on this matter?
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Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:58 pm

Welcome Jerome. There is a reason why the front tyres are wearing unevenly on the inside edge. Toe out.

There are either of two possibilities - the alignment was not done properly or something is out of symmetry.

Assuming that all three different alignment centres cannot be wrong, then the problem lies with symmetry. This can have a number of causes that include bushes. It could be wear to tie-rod ends, wheel bearings, idler arm, ball joints (upper or lower), castor, camber or even a combination of these. Another possibility is that something is bent from impact like control arms or even chassis.

The problem has to lie in there somewhere because if all was good there would be no alignment problem.
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