Alternator problem

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Hi guys, I was hoping you guys could help me out with a helluva problem for my 2008 fortuner D4d 3.0...

I replaced my alternator about 2 years ago at Motolek and this year August it just gave in so I purchased a new alternator in August at Autozone and replaced it but that only kept me untill the start of November so then I took it back and we got a new one, well this one is in now but the battery light came on and we checked everything all wires and etc. We done all tests saw that the alternator is charging and all but it seems to get hot at 1st I thought its cuz the battery was flat and had to put extra load on to charge it so I stoped and fully charged the battery then reconnected it but still gets hot which to me aint normal. The battery light is still on after a whole week of driving with it tested the battery while the car was off the battery is still good I dont know what to think or do now anybody have experience on this or some advice please.

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