Instrumentation on 1uz VVTi

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High Range 2WD
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Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:20 pm

Good day

Im busy fitting a 1uz vvt-i into my 4x2 1996 2,8d DC.
The 2,8d engine had a oil pump failure and destroyed itself to some extent. So now is the time to fit a decent v8... :cooldude:

Im busy setting up to make the engine mountings about now when a lightning bolt hit me.

How am i gonna get any instrumentation to work with my bakkie?
A speedo? Rev counter??
How am i gonna get our paraffin dashboard to work with this new technology??

I have a vvt-i with the standard management by toyota. Im making my bakkie auto, because it doesnt have to work anymore. It will become my daily cruiser.

Any ideas on what to do with regards to a sort of functioning dashboard would be highly appreciated.

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Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:48 am

I got 1UZ VVTI into my 87 lux.
Got OEM ECU and it basically came with 12 wires that I had to wire. ( LEXTREME was the supplier )

1. Ignition. should not be problem for you
2. Start. should not be a problem
3. Oil light, connect directly to your old oil light wire
4. Fuel pump, you will need to power your own fuel pump
5. Battery wire, No not the same as Ignition, so straight wire to the batt +
6. Tacho wire, you will need to get an adaptor to make that work. Cost me R300 have make but not sure if the diesel tacho has a different signal to what the 2.2P tacho uses
7. AC wire, to trigger the ac pump on the engine, easy to connect if you need to.
8. Alt, suppose to connect straight to your existing light
9, 10 , 11 & 12 are related to the Autobox if you are going to use that.
The heat gauge you will need to work out yourself what you want. I put in a VDO gauge with its own seder unit as the yota gauge is notorious for reacting to slow. I also reconnected the old gauge to an OEM sender in the hole where the bleed screw is on top, that basically then only indicates how hot the water is coming in from the radiator

Regarding your speedo? I have 4X4 and used the transfer case as per usual, not sure how the 2X4 will work, sory.

Alternator will also need to get a + wire to make it work.

Shout if you have questions.
Dont try and re-invent the wheel, there is plenty info on this forum and i suggest you read extensively before you build. Many guys have made mistakes and its very easy to learn from them rather than going through the same exercise yourself.

Good luck
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