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Is my drivetrain properly matched after Lexus v8

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 10:58 am
by Llew Mac
I have put my Hilux ,now with Lexus 1UZ VVTi , back on the road last weekend.

Just a bit of advice please:

I have the 1UZ VVTi from Lextreme and using the 5spd autobox.

Im under the impression that the 1996 2,8D DC 4X2 has a 4.11 diff ratio. With that ratio,225/60/15 road tyres it runs at 3000rpm at 120km/h on gps on my phone.

Does this sound right? what would be a decent rev on 120km/h?

And something i havent heard of before.......... DO the 1uz coming pre-wired from Lextreme ,do they have a rev limiter of sorts?? I cant get my bakkie to do more than 139km/h to 141km/h?? (as per gps)

Any information would be appreciated.......