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Hi guys, so I know this is not about a Hilux, please forgive me, but it is about a Toyota V8, and since this forum contains so much collective knowledge about Lexus conversions, I need your assistance.

So I want to do a Lexus 1UZ VVTi conversion on a 4x2 2800D Colt bakkie, myself. It's a project I've been wanting to do for a long time. The Colt will be an everyday driver, and shop truck. I need it to be reliable and I don’t have an open chequebook for the conversion. Therefore I need to do some thorough research, before I buy anything. I need to get it right, first time, and not have to redo anything.

I'm struggling with some choices, and here I need your much appreciated input.
I want to purchase a pre-wired engine and need to decide between the OEM ECU setup with the Bussmann fuse system, or the Spitronics ECU system. I feel each system have their merits, my only concern is whether the OEM ECU and auto box, can be adapted to suit the overall final drive ratio of the Colt, versus that of the car it comes from (LS400)? Will the shift points occur at the correct speeds, speed limiter cut off, and so forth? Will I need to change the diff ratio?
The Spitronics controllers might be fettled to work with the diff ratio, but that then points to some time on the dyno, comments will be appreciated.
I have been suggested to just buy a half cut/front cut from Engines & More, but, although I will learn, my knowledge of engine electronics are limited, which is why I feel more comfortable with the pre-wired engine options. How different is the pre-wired OEM ECU setup, available from Lextreme, V8 Solid and also Engines & more, from what you find in an actual Lexus LS400?

Furthermore I need to decide whether to use the standard 5-spd automatic which comes with the 1UZ VVTi, or change to a manual gearbox. I would be OK with either setup. As it is a 4x2, I'm not concerned with engine braking, lock-up in certain gears, or even tiptronic shifting.
If I go the manual route, I would need to source a suitable manual gearbox, bellhousing, flywheel, clutch pack, and/or perhaps an adaptor plate. The standard Mitsubishi gearbox can’t be used for the conversion, it would not handle the power. Most likely I will then use a W58 gearbox.
If I use the 5-spd automatic, I think I would need more electronic controllers. I would need to source an automatic shifter, and since the 5-spd autobox makes use of a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) with digital pulse, how does one convert it to cable operation and retain use of the stock instrument cluster?

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