When buying 2nd hand items from other people who do u trust?

And this is the part where we moan. If somebody rendered real bad service, weewee'd you off, caused you damage or cheated you (vehicle related), please please let us know by posting it here.
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Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:36 am

Looking through the various web sites that we have here in South Africa, for example Gumtree, Bid or Buy, Junk Mail and eBay (THERE ARE ALSO MANY MORE) each of them has a section where it states that you must be very careful when you buy 2nd hand or even brand new items from another person, :thumbup: I have been selling and buying a few things on Bid or Buy for a while and I work things a bit differently to what most other people do, in other words, I am prepared to post off or send off an item to the buyer without even receiving the payment for it, :yahoo: I have even sent items overseas to buyers and then they pay me afterwards, once the item has been posted, I give them the tracking number and then my bank details, some pay straight away, and some only pay when they have received the item and they are happy with it, :shh: the reason why I do it this way is because then if the buyer is unhappy with the item, they just have to send it back to me at their expense and then there will not be any hard feelings at all. :cooldude:

Trust works both ways, :yahoo: yes we say that we want the money upfront first, but hey what about the buyer, what proof has he got that he will in fact receive the item from the seller? :problem: I have seen where some sellers in fact have a posting, they have taken a photo off the web and then they use that photo of the item that is not in fact the actual item that they are selling and then they use that photo to show what the item looks like, this once again is also fraud unless stated that the item in the pic is not the one that is actually for sale.

I have also heard of people that have bought items, paid for them for example lap tops and ipods and they have never received them, one bloke sold his 30 06 rifle several times to various people, took their money and was gone. :twisted:

I have seen many times when people have sold 4x4 spares, lockers, cracked rims and cut, cracked tyres, snatch straps, recovery gear that are also faulty and then the seller tries to blame the buyer for the fault and say that the buyer stuffed the item up when it was fitted. And then they do not want to refund the buyer or let things become the buyers problem.

So what option do we the buyer or you the seller have :?: that we can use some sort of method where the actual payment can be put in some sort of holding account, that say for example can only be released when each party is happy with the items concerned? The holding account can only be activated by the business that runs it, it cannot be activated by the seller or the buyer, this will then give each party the time to observe the items that they have purchased and then if the buyer is not satisfied with the item, his money can then be re-funded to him, minus a percentage that is agreed upon between the buyer and the holding company, they also have to make money to do this sort of operation.

So then the next time that you want to buy something either new or second hand from somebody on a web site, (you do not live in the same town or area) you will have this option, however if you buy from me, like I said I do thing differently for example on Bid or Buy, yes the one time I did have a problem when a guy did not want to pay me, thus I just sent him another parcel with dog poo and pilchards inside and he soon got the message and paid me.

Have you ever heard of the guy that got a transport company to deliver a load of pig poo to an address and told the transport company to just dump it on the front lawn?
So if you buy items on web sites, you will soon learn who to trust and who not to trust, at the end of the day, the word will soon get around either way who you can trust and who you cannot trust and thus you will not do any business with that person She or He again.

Bid or buy for example has a rating section where the buyer and the seller can rate the experience of buying from that person, the seller and the buyer can give one of the three ratings. Positive, Neutral or Negative with this rating system you can check it out as a buyer and then decide if you are willing to deal with that seller or not, go and have a look yourself at this guy on bid or buy his name there is WRANGLER_4X4 and see how many negative ratings he has compared to other sellers. :yahoo:

I am not sure what it requires to have this rating system added to a web site, but maybe if the seller prefers to have a rating system then they can pay something to the web admin to have this rating system added to their personal web page so that other people can see how they have been rated when they have sold an item?

Many items that you see in pictures or photo's on these web sites look like they are in a good condition, but if you look at the actual item you may find faults and thus think about what I have said here and you decide................. :lmao:
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Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:34 am

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