4y running on two cylinders

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4y running on two cylinders

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So my 4y decided it wants to give me bollie....

Started with some splittering and hesitation and grew to what it is now....

It seems it is running only on cylinder 3 and 4.

I have replaced: distributor cap, leads, plugs, rotor.

I even had a Chinese carb on here before it happened since the float in the original fell apart.

Timing has not been changed, all vacuum pipes are correct.

Took the new plugs out, 3 and 4 are dark black with 1 and 2 still clean.

There is spark for all plugs and strong too.

I am now at wits end.

Took the cover off, rockers are rocking and valves seem to be opening. No noise from lifters or any engine noise.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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