Fortuner 2x4 in Botswana Moremi

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Fortuner 2x4 in Botswana Moremi

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i all,

I am looking to do my first trip into Botswana in July.

I have a 2.4 Fortuner 2x4. I would like to know if my vehicle will be able to the basics.

Our route is into Moremi and staying at 3rd bridge. Would I be able to drives into the reserve with a 2x4 or is 4x4 an absolute necessity?

Our next stop is then in Chobe, I believe going through Savuti is a definite no go with 2x4 so we will being going the long way around.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated. We will be going in convoy and the other vehicle is Land Rover Discovery 4. I'm sure it could pull me out if it doesn't break down first.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Fortuner 2x4 in Botswana Moremi

Post by JohanM »

HI Matthew,

I would not risk it at all. Rememebr that the flood waters are slowly on the rise in the delta now and by the time you are going it would have started to subsibe again fairly so it should be not wet, but there is always muddy crossings in Moremi, and some without a alternative road. So you might have a lot of slippery crossings to deal with and even some detours around sections which become their own little swamp bog holes which will have you up to the axles if you choose the wrong one.

The Road up to third bridge and out to Khwaii area is not easy driving all the way. It is 2 spoor and sandy but also have some crossings to do and some can be quite soft in places. Lots of muddy holes, and if a bridge is damaged, then you are in for serious wading which can lead to drowning the vehicle in the event that you run out of luck, traction and get stuck. SOme of the little mud holes seem innocent till you get water over the bonnet and have to conquer a step in the sloppy black cotton soil you cannot see, and only feel when the front wheels hit the step and you need every little bit of traction on 4 wheels to pull you through.

I did Moremi in the "dry" post flood levels and december "very wet" and even with all the toys engaged the vehicle had to work hard in places, and yes we did get even stuck wih low range, diff lock and traction control. You will get stuck most likely and in a very bad spot as that is how Murphy will plan it for you. Having a second vehicle is good but with ony rear wheel drive I will not do it. You will also create a lot of track erosion in the reseve and its not worth the risk and also you are putting a lot of strain on yourself, the vehicle and everyone else behind you will have to enjoy your dug out holes on the track. To enjoy it with peace of mind rather hire a 4x4 in Maun and do the trip with a 4x4 and the disco as second vehicle. Then you can drive to Maun and leave your vehicle at the depot and do that trip and come back and return it and carry on, on the tar road to Chobe Via Nata. Prepare for one full day of driving from Maun to Kasane. 8 hrs on the road.

Theres is also a reason why the roads are marked as 4wd trails on T4A. DOn't risk your family or the trip in Moremi. I would rent a 4x4 for the trip and then after the trip you will have some insight as to if you want to invest in a 4x4 or not. The maintenance post a wet muddy trip into Moremi is quite fair bit to ensure all is well for the next adventure, but very few travellers will ever admit to it having had to do some extra costly repairs/ replacement of parts.
Johan Marais
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