Clutch Problems (1997 22R SFA)

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Wed May 09, 2018 1:06 pm


Before you walk the walk by buying a whole system, this happened to me. Last week there was a sudden change in my SFA's clutch behavior. It engaged very low on the pedal. From thereon I struggled to engage 1st and reverse gear. My initial thoughts were, "daarsy, die clutch is moeg" and prepared myself for some expenses. Saturday morning I got myself a brand new SACHS Clutch at Goldwagen (R1650.00). Took my truck to the mechanic next door, as my arms are not up to lifting the box, and I do not have the correct trolley jack with brackets for the job. He in return suggested I first have a look at the Master Cylinder, before we tackle the operation. So, I got a Master Cylinder at the local spare shop for R470. Removed the old, and in with the new. Bled the system, and the problem was still there. Did some thinking, and on Sunday I replaced the Slave Cylinder on the box. That is when I noticed a lot of play on the Clutch Fork, but couldn't see anything obvious out of place, and hoped for the best after bleeding the system again. The problem was still there, and consequently booked the transplant for today. The mechanic just phoned me, and gave me some interesting news on proceedings. Apparently the old clutch is still in very good condition, and will end up in my cupboard with the old Master and Slave Cylinder as spares.

The main problem was the Clutch Fork Pivot ball, which was broken. After browsing the forum, it seems like it is quite difficult to replace without removing the box. So, basically this is something to check before you jump the gun. The whole exercise came down to the following:

SACHS Clutch Kit - R1650.00 (Goldwagen)
Aisin Master Cylinder - R470.00 (Autozone)
Pirate Slave Cylinder - R147.00 (Autozone)
Labour - R1600.00
Skimming Flywheel - R450.00
Consumables - R350.00

Total - R4667.00

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Wed May 09, 2018 1:32 pm

Go figure...I could not get one from Goldwagen at the time, and the SACHS clutch I got from AMC had some other funny name on it.
Can't say that I'm impressed with releases/engages suddenly, not gradually.
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