Diesel injector cleaner

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High Range 2WD
High Range 2WD
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Tue Nov 06, 2018 2:38 pm

Hi Gents

I've read a few posts relating to diesel injector cleaners. Some seem to be conflicting.

Firstly, my injectors seem to be fine at this point. I would just like to keep them that way for as long as possible, so i'm looking at it from a preventative maintenance point of view.

Some say that the Toyota original injector cleaner (part number 08813 80019) should be added when the tank is a quarter full.

Others say that you should use a full synthetic 2 stroke oil on a full tank every 10th time you fill up.

If you have had experience with either of the above, or your own methods, please will you share it with me.

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Monster Truck
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Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:22 pm

I run diesel injector cleaner from Toyota every 10000 km's on the diesel RAV4 and add it when the tank is empty and while filling up. I have done this a few times now and can say I have noticed that the fuel consumption stays more consistant as I have had times were the RAV 2.2D4D VX consumption changed by as much as 1.5 km/l less and since doing this I have noticed it is back in the 13 - 14 km/l range where it used to be.

I am going to do the same now with the 4.0V6 and see what is does on a average basis driving. It has been advised by my workshop manager from Toyota to do it now since it is on 200K currently. I will do it again at 5000 km interval and measure again.

Go buy it, fill the tank and drive it normal and even at times a bit more lead footed and then when the tank is empty refill and drive again normal and measure over a few tanks the average.
Johan Marais
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Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:21 am

A Toyota workshop manager at a large dealership once told me to buy the Wynns Turbo and Injector cleaner. This was when one of the injectors was going out of spec at 285 000 ks. Before then I never used it. The workshop manager told me that they have had quite a few instances of the injector cleaner sorting out the issue with the injectors. In my case it did not work. I used the Wynns quite a few times in my 3lt D4D DC 4x4 Manual but could honestly not say if I saw a difference in fuel consumption although I did not put it in that regularly and I always got an average of 9.8 km/lt (Over a total of 314 000 ks) - mostly in town driving.

There are many debates about two-stroke oil. Some for or some against and I always followed them with some amusement. I saw a lab test done where the addition of 2 stroke oil (different kinds) actually slightly reduced the lubricating properties of the diesel. If it really was so good why would the oil companies with their million dollar RnD budgets not put it in it the first place. Surely they would do anything to get a competitive edge? The big issue is the lubrication required in the high pressure injector pump. I would not want to take a chance with that.
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