Namibië 2019

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Howzit Peoples...

We're going to Namibia for a short (in between trips) trip...

Namibia one of the "easier" borders to cross, but I haven't been there since 2009, so just want to make sure all ducks are in the right rows...

I've heard that no fresh - "RAW (unprocessed)" meat is allowed into Nam, so we've arranged to get some at Karasburg. Does that apply to biltong and pre-cooked meals as well?

Are there limitations on alcohol? (Last time we went to Moz, Hannes was charged import duty on his beer and wine...)

Anything else I should be aware off?

Thank you.

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Hallo Hennie,
All Border Posts have restrictions on everything/anything you take into that country.
1 Case of beer, 01
1 bottle wine or
1 bottle spirits etc pp
Meat, usually about 25 kg - unless there is out break of Foot & Mouth Disease
Also check on Bird Flu - if an outbreak has occurred no bird products
These products include dairy/chease, etc with associated out breaks.
Biltong included, but kooked meat should be excluded, but even bully beef was confiscated at some Border Posts,
But this is the officials, seeing what they can get away with.
The Foot & Mouth ban was lifted more than two months ago, but be sure to watch the news for new outbreak's,
and then check for bird flu or swine fever as well.
Be sure to post you usual excellent trip report after your trip as well...
Safe Travels.
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