LN106 gearbox problims

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Firstly thanks for adding me to the forum. Normally i just read until i find what i"m looking for. But this time thought i would ask some advice as i can really find an answer.

My question is simple. how tough are the 5 speed manual gear boxes in the ln106's?
Have i just been unlucky or am i asking to much from my old truck?

I've had my old LN106 for about 6 months, its got a 5L engine with a turbo and on 33's.

All was well until i finally finished my slid on camper back for it. I've weighed it and its about 500kg. Its a bit top heavy but should't be over weight really.

After a few 100km of local trips i took it off to go on a 4wd trip. The gearbox started making a noise when i let off the gas but i carried on for a bit anyway. Then it got worse until it really got back and started shaking.

Trailed it home and found the first cog on the input shaft had a few missing teeth. So i found a cheep second hand box (unknow history) and put it in, changed the oil and all was good. Well for about a month.

i had used the camper on a few more short weekend trip and a few 4wd trip with out camper. Then this weekend the gearbox went again. I've not taken the box apart this time but just got a reconditioned one coming tomorrow as im in a super hurry to get it back on the road for a family trip over new year.

Thanks for any advice. :thumbup:
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