IFS Developed Knocking Noise, Pls help

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IFS Developed Knocking Noise, Pls help

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Hi Guys,

My 1999 2, 7 Hilux DC 4x4 has developed a front knocking noise that only happens when I go over a bumps.
I have replaced the centre prop shaft support bearing which was shot but the noise remains.
I have checked the upper and lower ball joints
Stabilizer bar and bushings
Torsion bars
CV joints all seem fine with min play, except for the inner joint on the driver’s side.
This has quite a bit of play, but I have read on more than one forum that this pay is normal (links below)
https://www.toyota-4runner.org/4th-gen- ... -play.html
https://www.toyota-4runner.org/4th-gen- ... ormal.html
If this play is normal, why had this knocking only started now? Does anyone have any experience with this "normal play" on the driver side inner CV?
I’m am worries that driving the vehicle with this play will result in damage of the front diff.
As my vehicle is old and has freewheeling hubs, my front CVs hardly work at all I can’t imagine them being worn out.
I see in the US you can buy a solid bush that eliminates this problem.
If this play is normal, what other usual suspects could be there?
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