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Fortuner 2x4 In Botswana

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2024 12:27 pm
by Landcruiserlover
Hi all,

I am looking to do my first trip into Botswana in July.

I have a 2.4 Fortuner 2x4. I would like to know if my vehicle will be able to the basics.

Our route is into Moremi and staying at 3rd bridge. Would I be able to drives into the reserve with a 2x4 or is 4x4 an absolute necessity?

Our next stop is then in Chobe, I believe going through Savuti is a definite no go with 2x4 so we will being going the long way around.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated. We will be going in convoy and the other vehicle is Land Rover Discovery 4. I'm sure it could pull me out if it doesn't break down first.

Thanks in advance.