Toyota Hilux 2005 Conversion

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Toyota Hilux 2005 Conversion

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Hi, I need some assistance and advice please.
My Toyota Hilux 2005 has an 5L-E engine.
I am looking to convert to a 3CT engine but not sure what needs to be adjusted for the conversion.
Your help will be highly appreciated .
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Re: Toyota Hilux 2005 Conversion

Post by niclemaitre »

Off the top of my head, you'll need a new bellhousing, possibly new gearbox ratios. I don't know what model gearbox you're running so you might not get a factory bellhousing to fit and may have to run an adapter plate. Have you considered a KZ-TE? A much simpler swap, since it's the same block.

If you're pulling the bellhousing, it's a good time to do the rear main seal, and the clutch.

The 3CT has no engine management so that's easy with a mechanical diesel pump.

You'll need all the turbo stuff, intercooler, piping etc.
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